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"Deposit Anywhere" a Huge Success

"Deposit Anywhere" a Huge Success

February 28, 2011 - Vernon Hills, IL - If the 5,000 members who enrolled in the Deposit Anywhere program in its first three months are any indication, this is an extremely popular feature. Deposit Anywhere, a remote deposit capture (RDC) service, allows you to conveniently make secure deposits anytime using either a desktop computer and scanner, an iPhone™ or an Android™ powered phone.

In the early part of 2010, BCU performed an analysis of various industry trends, and identified RDC as the next service it wanted to add to its portfolio of remote services. After selecting a provider, the service was named Deposit Anywhere and was launched in October of 2010.

Deposit Anywhere was designed to improve the convenience factor by eliminating a trip to the branch or ATM to deposit checks. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. BCU’s Facebook page is scattered with comments such as, “I already deposited two checks using the Android app. It works great! Thanks BCU!” and “I just made my first deposit via Deposit Anywhere with my iPhone. Love it!!”

In January alone, $2 million in deposits were made using Deposit Anywhere — 35% of which was received through the mobile channel. . EasCorp, the parent company of BCU’s RDC provider, was also thrilled with the results of the product launch, and featured BCU in their March newsletter.

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