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To get to where you want to go, you first have to know where you're starting from. It's important to understand how to you’re already managing your and make changes so that you can have your hard earned money go farther. Whether your financial goals are to own a home, pay down debt for good or having the peace of mind that an emergency fund can provide these articles, videos and interactive tools can help you get there.

Featured Video:
The Facts on Deleting Credit Card Debt

This overview will provide you with the facts on how to effectively pay down credit card debt. You will also learn tips on getting started on a debt repayment plan, why saving is an important component of any debt repayment plan and how to avoid racking up credit card balances once they are paid off.

Videos Articles Calculators and Interactive Tools
Back-to-School Shopping Tips
System to Maximize Your Paycheck
Building an Emergency Fund
Creating a Budget in 4 Simple Steps
How Do I Get Myself Out Of Debt?
The Facts on Deleting Credit Card Debt
Introduction to Interest
Fight Fraud with a Credit File Freeze
Managing Your Finances Together
How to Stick to Financial New Year's

New Year, New Financial

Shoppers Beware: 4 Holiday Advertising Tricks
Holiday Savings Tips
Holiday Shopping Tips
Tips to End 2013 Money Strong
What's Your Money Psychology Style?
How to Avoid Identity Theft
Systems to Maximize Your Paycheck
Back-to-School Shopping Tips
Building an Emergency Fund
Creating a Budget in 4 Simple Steps
Estate Planning Articles
Personal Budgeting Articles
Retirement Planning Articles
OnTrack™: A Budgeting Tool from BALANCESM
Money Management Planner
Reducing the Pain of Budgeting (Podcast)
Unemployment Toolkit
Financial Security After Divorce Toolkit
Money Management
Retirement Planning Tools
Personal Budgeting Tools
Estate Planning Tools
Spending Calculator
Money Management Quiz
How Much Should I Set Aside for Emergencies?
How Much Will It Cost to Raise a Child?
What's It Worth to Reduce My Spending?
Should My Spouse Work Too?
What Will It Take to Become a Millionaire?
Which Is Better: Cash Or Payments?
What Will It Take to Pay My Balance?
How Much Will My CD Be Worth At Maturity?
How Much, at What Rate, When?
How Much of a Difference Will the Rate Make?
What Will It Take to Save for a College Education?
How Much Will My Savings Be Worth?
How Will Taxes and Inflation Affect My Savings?
What Will It Take to Save for a Vehicle, Home, etc.?

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