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Money Market

Financing for your future.

A good first step toward building a strong financial foundation is partnering with your Credit Union. Another one is opening a Money Market.

You’ll benefit from a Money Market with:

  • Security from knowing your funds are growing at a faster rate than if they were in a standard savings account
  • Feeling rewarded when your interest rate increases as your balance does.
  • A Money Market also provides:

  • No minimum balance requirement to open
  • The ability to make convenient, automatic transfers to or from your Credit Union Checking account, or any other account—even external institutions
  • Easy access to funds with up to six withdrawals¹ each month.
  • To open a new Money Market:

  • Login to Online Banking, click “Open An Account” from the navigation on the right, then select “Money Market” from the drop down on the following page and follow the prompts to open and fund your new account.
  • Contact Member Relations at  800-388-7000
  • Visit your local Service Center.
  • ¹View complete disclosures.